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La Plazita Preschool's curriculum is thematically based. We choose themes that are of high interest to the children and immerse them in them. Some of our themes the children develop themselves through emerging curriculum.

Highlights of our Curriculum

  • One month may have two or three themes at the most and include key vocabulary and songs that reflect the theme.
  • We send home a vocabulary list and songs so that parents may reinforce learning at home.
  • We integrate the key components of science, social sciences and math in all of our themes.
  • Our curriculum has strong early literacy components that get children writing and reading early on.
  • Our teachers are trained well on language modeling in order to promote not just language understanding but full vocalization even if Spanish is not spoken at home.
  • One of the most important goals of our school is to build empathy in our children and do so by having children work through conflicts that may arise amongst them and find solutions that satisfy all parties. This builds conscientious children that can resolve conflict before it arises.
  • We integrate Latino culture into a lot of what we do.

Curriculum Successes

  • Many of our full time children have become fully conversational in Spanish after only four months at the school.
  • Many of our children start writing their name and other letters at two.
  • Our graduates are well prepared for Kindergarten whether they go to a Spanish or English Kindergarten.
  • Our children demonstrate great empathy, problem solving skills and conscientiousness which leads to wonderful environment.